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Ganoderma 2n1 black coffee
Ganoderma 4n1 coffee
Tongkat Ali Coffee
Ganoderma Green Tea
Kacip Fatimah Coffee
Ganoderma Mocha
Hoodia Coffee with Ganoderma
Ganoderma Chocolate
Ganoderma Cappucino
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Customer Testimonials:

I am very satified with the product. It tastes good just like a good green tea should. Also it is easy to find and obtain through this website and affordable and quick to get. I am a really happy customer ordering Ganoderma Tea. I do recommend the product; it is effectively guaranteed satisfaction. - Irma

Ganoderma Mocha is just right for me. I'm not what you would call a coffee drinker, but do like mochas. This combination is perfect for my taste buds as well as being more healthy than mochas at Starbucks. - Meryl

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