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GCC Affiliate Overview

Are you ready to EARN money instead of spend money?

  • Ganoderma Coffee Club is designed to give you the opportunity to promote ganoderma coffee products without ANY fees, autoships, or commitments!
  • GanodermaCoffeeClub.com is 100% FREE to Join +  Earn on 3 Generations of downline. 

Our affiliate program pays out up to 47% per order!

We will pay you a 15% commission for every purchase you directly make from your FREE replicated Ganoderma Coffee Club website including your FIRST ORDER.  Everyone knows in order to succeed in marketing you have to be a product of your product.  

That is why we make sure you have the ability to be your own best customer!

When you introduce someone to this program and they place an order we will pay you a 10% commission, plus you will earn a 15% commission from the people they refer, and up to a 5% commission from the next generation of sales beyond that depending on your GCC Affiliate Rank!

GCC Affiliate Ranks

    • GCC Affiliate
      As a GCC Affiliate, you will earn 15% for your personal orders,  10% on your 1st level, 15% on your 2nd level, and 1% on your 3rd level.

    • GCC Silver Affiliate
      In order to unlock the GCC Silver Rank, you will need to have 15 referrals and have received $250 or more in commissions.  At this time, you will receive a 2% raise on your 1st Level from 10% to 12%, and 1.5% raise on your 3rd level from 1% to 2.5%.

    • GCC Gold Affiliate
      In order to unlock the GCC Gold Rank, you will need to have 45 referrals and have received $750 or more in commissions.  You will receive 12% on your 1st Level just as Silver plus you will unlock another 2.5% on the 3rd level for a total payout of 5% from all of the affiliates on your 3rd Level.

Our Mission:

Make sure that we all succeed in business!

100% FREE to Join!

At GCC, you have unlimited potential to earn commissions.  We offer a 3 level Unilevel Affiliate program which means you can build your organization as wide as you would like.  With 3 levels of commissions beyond your own personal orders the sky is the limit.

To get started, it is as easy as 1-2-3!  

    1.  Click Here to become a registered member of GCC!
    2.  You will be immediately sent your own replicated website!
    3. Log into your account to start promoting your new coffee business & place your first order!

We offer a couple options for receiving your commissions:

If you would like to use them towards future orders, you can convert them into a coupon once you have accumulated $10 in your backoffice.  If you would like to receive a company check or PayPal, as long as you have $35.00 in your account that is approved we will send your payout by the 5th of the following month!